These are some of the frequently asked questions we receive at the Lake Effect Kitchen in Grand Haven, MI. If you have other questions, please give us a call at (616) 935-7229.

What should I do with my delivery bags after I’ve received a meal delivery?

Thank you for asking! We want to do our part in taking care of the environment, so please put them outside your door the next time your order and our delivery driver will pick them up.

How many people will your meals serve?

All of our meals are single servings.

Do you list nutrition information on your meals?

We do not list specific nutrition information on our meals because we do not have a nutritionist on staff and we don’t want to publish nutritional information that is not accurate.

If I have specific food preferences or dietary needs, can Lake Effect Kitchen accommodate those?

While we aren’t able to accommodate strict dietary restrictions, we use fresh, wholesome ingredients in everything we prepare. We’ll be happy to work with you to determine which of our meals can best suit your dietary needs and preferences.

Is there a minimum number of meals I have to order in order to have them delivered?

No. There is no minimum. You can order one meal or fifty and the delivery charge is the same. If you’re particular about your food choices, have allergies, religious or health concerns, a la carte ordering is your best choice. Otherwise, our chef’s choice subscriptions are great if you like to eat a variety of delicious meals.

What areas of West Michigan do you serve?

We deliver both our meal orders and meal subscription plans to the greater Grand Haven area, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg. Outside of the Grand Haven area, we work with Market Wagon and deliver meal orders only, as far south as Kalamazoo and Portage, west to the greater Grand Rapids area, and north to the greater Muskegon area. You can see our delivery areas on our website here:

What kind of meals do you cater and how large an event can you accommodate?

We have standard catering menus you can choose from, or we will work with you to design a custom menu for your event that you’ll be proud to serve. We require at least 72 business hours lead time, more for larger or more formal events. We recommend a two-week lead time to be safe. We can accommodate practically any size event, from family gatherings to large corporate or civic affairs.

What do you consider is your purpose or mission?

Our mission is quite simple: to ease people’s busy lives by streamlining their meal needs. Our vision is to prepare fresh foods for all occasions and deliver an exceptional product every time while building the building the foundations for people of all abilities to be viewed as authentic members of our community. Specifically, we employ individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities, helping them to learn the skills that will make them successful and authentic members of the community.

How did the Lake Effect Trolley originate and what’s its purpose?

The Lake Effect Trolley is one of two actual historical trolleys that were restored in 2021. They operate all summer long in the Grand Haven area and our Lake Effect Trolley offers amazing food to both local residents and visitors to our idyllic Coast Guard City. It’s also available to rent for private events and makes a wonderful centerpiece. In addition, the LEK Trolley enables us to further our mission by employing individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.