Lake Effect Kitchen is a ghost kitchen in Grand Haven, Michigan, providing weekly meal prep services. Meals are available to order online on a weekly schedule; meals are fully cooked and reheatable. Orders are due on Sunday for Tuesday delivery.

Our Story

The founders of Lake Effect Foods and Lake Effect Kitchen, Mandy Anderson and Aaron Johnson of Grand Haven, started this business for two purposes: to give people access to great food and to support and mentor students and young adults with different abilities in competitive employment skills.

Both Aaron and Mandy have children with autism spectrum disorder and serve in the autism advocacy community. They believe that there is a place for everyone, no matter their ability, to contribute in the world, and hope to further the belief that everyone belongs through the work of Lake Effect Kitchen.

Mission: To ease your busy life by streamlining your meal needs.

Vision: Lake Effect Kitchen prepares fresh food for all occasions. We will deliver an exceptional product each and every time, while building the foundations for people of all abilities to be viewed as authentic members of our community.

Core Values:

  • Community Partnership: symbiotic enrichment of lives when working with us.
  • Educational Stewardship: teaching life skills through culinary education.
  • Health and Wellness: staying true to scratch-cooked food and local, grassroots efforts.
  • Environmental Stewardship: striving to reduce our carbon footprint and responsibly source our ingredients.
  • Servant Leadership: creating a just and caring work environment and world.

Through our Inclusive Culinary Education programming, we have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful young adults in our community, teaching them culinary skills, office skills and even some WordPress programming. We always learn much more than we teach! Some of our interns have returned to school, some have been hired on at LEK, and some have moved on to other community employment. We are committed to helping provide competitive employment opportunities for people of all abilities throughout our community.