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We’re Partnering with Stir It Up Bakery for Valentine Treats

For Valentine’s week, we are offering sweet treats from Stir It Up Bakery in Rockford. Ordering their Valentine cookie assortment through LEK is a great way to try their yummy treats without a trip to GR.

Stir It Up shares our vision of authentic inclusion, advocacy and empowerment of people with disabilities. Check them out on Facebook or


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Three interns join first class of inclusive culinary education students

We are excited to welcome our first three interns this week: Austin, Gina and Richard. Each of them come with different interests and experiences: Austin prefers to do dishes and utility work; Richard is interested in learning more about food preparation and is pursuing ServSafe certification; and Gina is more of a computer guru and will be working on the website and packaging. We had a great first week getting to know each other and are looking forward to a productive and fun semester.

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Sam receives an award from Goodwill

Our first employee, Sam, was honored with the title, “Success of the Month” at Goodwill Industries in Muskegon for achieving his goals and landing a utility/food prep job with us at LEK. He had the opportunity to speak to the Goodwill board members at lunch on Monday and share his story. He has been with us since November and is doing a great job! Congratulations, Sam!